Podcasts are incredibly powerful.

Turned Podcaster is a narrative-style podcast that offers listeners an approachable perspective into the journeys of today’s most well known podcasters. It provides a way for each creator to tell their stories to the world in their own words.

The Team

Jon street

Jon Street

Writer, Producer, Host

Jon has led operations at Resonate since 2018. His passion for storytelling and hands on experience working with thousands of podcasters brings a unique perspective as host.

Resonate logo White

Resonate Originals

Executive Producer

Resonate Originals is the content arm of Resonate Recordings, a turnkey podcast production company in Louisville, KY. They have worked with over 2,500 podcasters like Twitter, Salesforce, Abbvie, and many more.

tenderfoot-TV logo -white

Tenderfoot TV

Executive Producer

Tenderfoot TV is one of the leading Podcast Networks in the industry, with over 5 shows that have hit #1 in Apple Podcasts. They are the creators of Up and Vanished, To Live and Die in LA, Sworn, Radio Rental, and more.